Case Study

We work with customers from all over the world, and each company has its own processes and work specifics. Although the approach to each customer is unique, we have gathered together the key points.

Below you can see a case study.

In this case we have presented the main stages of cooperation with our client, starting from the negotiations to establishing the process inside the client’s team.

Each of these parameters can be adapted individually.

We are here to make our clients’ life easier, that is why we listen HOW you want us to deliver great results.

Customer case study

Our client builds and modernizes corporate IT systems. They develop information security system business-apps, create data processing centres and storage, video conferencing systems and call centres, automated engineering systems for buildings; providing integrated service and technical support for information and engineering systems.

UNL IT Solutions team's part:

  • Lead Python developer
    (Contact point)
  • Senior Python developer
  • Middle Python developer
  • Direct communication with client, planning new features
  • Writing new features
  • Customization of customer’s current product
  • Writing unit tests
  • Interviewing new candidates
  • Establishing work process with the UK team
  • Refactoring existing code
  • Bug fixing
  • Writing unit tests
  • Product support
  • Customization of customer’s current product
  • Product support
  • Writing new features
  • Customization of customer’s current product
  • Bug fixing
  • Manual testing
  • Regression testing

Admin Communications.

Services Education

To maintain overall service quality and client satisfaction we hold weekly phone meetings between the director and the customer (5-15 minutes).

To check code quality our company team consultant does weekly code review.

We control the developer's activity during working hours on the project.

In the unlikely event of any shortfall in individual performance we cover the cost of transition while a new member gets into the project.

Work with the team.

Work With Team

Within 10 days after signing the contract, we have provided 3 candidates matching the requirements.

The Customer held a job interview and chose the most appropriate one.

The selected candidate started to work on the project within 20 working days from client’s initial request.

Team Lead signed internal agreement to stay on the project for the agreed period (1 year normally) + signing NDA with the Customer.

Regular discussions are held about amount of work and possible fulfilment options with the Team Lead.

Team commits code daily, so the Customer can see real time progress.

Daily meetings are held – for setting new tasks, team reports, work progress and the timeframe for remaining work.

Company used the possibility of the Trial period with us.

These were the conditions of passing the trial period:

  1. Developers should have a time overlap of at least 6 hours with the Customer’s team in the UK. If any developer is absent at the agreed time more than twice – the Trial stops.
  2. Developer's response time should not exceed 15 minutes from the moment of writing (violating this clause more than 3 times stops the Trial)
  3. Change of the developer without the Client’s authorization - automatically terminates the Trial.
  4. Declaring failure for the first time AT the milestone is not an option... obstacles and challenges should be communicated as early as possible. Finding out about a failure at the deadline for delivery constitutes a "strike"... Two strikes - the Trial stops.
  5. Clear code (If the code is written badly - the Trial stops)
  6. Daily commits in GitHub.

This is one example of our successful work. Our clients vary and we are happy to hear from you and discuss how we can adapt to your requirements. Click below for more examples of our work and testimonials.