Dedicated Developer

If you are after a Team of developers rather than just a single developer then please follow the Dedicated Team link on the right.

Scroll down for the great features of a single Dedicated Developer.


Dedicated Developer

Budget Savings:

  • This will be much more cost effective than searching, hiring and bringing into action a new employee.
  • Moreover there is neither Tax nor National Insurance to pay, only a straightforward hourly rate. It gets even better: we pay for holidays AND sick leave.
  • You would ONLY pay for effectively worked hours, but at the same time you would get a developer who works for you and ONLY FOR YOU.

Transparency and Continuity:

  • The chosen specialist becomes a part of your team. You would interview and approve a developer YOURSELF.
  • You can communicate with the specialist anytime during working hours.
  • Because the SAME developer stays with you throughout all projects, the developer learns your processes, values and product specifics. As a result you get consistent outstanding code quality.

How to get started with the dedicated developer?

There are a few straightforward steps to take and you can have your first dedicated developer working in less than 3 weeks time.

  1. Clarify your requirements and sign an NDA agreement.
  2. Interview one of the suggested developers.
  3. Define the conditions of the Trial Period.
  4. Sign the contract.

Now you are up and running and have 3 weeks trial period to decide whether you are happy to continue our partnership.