Dedicated Team

If a Team is more than you require and you just need a single developer then please follow the Dedicated Developer link on the right.

Otherwise feel free to read about the benefits of having a Dedicated Team below.


Dedicated Team Advantages:

  • We can advise on team hierarchy and structure.
  • Our team lead can interview and allocate appropriate developers for your team.
  • Quick integration – because a team is dedicated for only 1 client, developers learn the project and integrate into the client’s team very quickly.
  • You can pick our consultants’ brains if complicated problems come up.
  • Full control over deadlines and costs – increase or reduce your team size on the go.
  • If a developer leaves the project we will train the replacement for 3 weeks at our expense.

Of course you get all the advantages of a Dedicated Developer service:

  • Budget Savings – $20-30K a year on 1 developer.

  • Transparency and Continuity of choosing and working with the same developer.

How to get started with the dedicated team?

There are a few straightforward steps to take and you can have your dedicated team working in less than 4 weeks time.

  1. Clarify your requirements and sign an NDA agreement.
  2. Interview the team lead and (optionally) suggested developers.
  3. Define the conditions of the Trial Period.
  4. Sign the contract.

Now you are up and running and have 3 weeks trial period to decide whether you are happy to continue our partnership.